Today I learned that it is illegal in Alabama to brew your own beer! The ABC raided the Birmingham location of Hop City last night, a small craft beer and wine store, and removed all of the brewing equipment.

From the Free The Hops site:

The Code of Alabama, §28-1-1, prohibits the possession of any type of equipment used for the production of alcoholic beverages. It further prohibits the possession of any form of alcohol that was made illegally. As such, homebrewing is effectively illegal in Alabama.

"In all counties of the state it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to have in his or its possession any still or apparatus to be used for the manufacture of any alcoholic beverage of any kind or any alcoholic beverage of any kind illegally manufactured or transported within the state or imported into the state from any other place without authority of the alcoholic control board of the state, and any person, firm or corporation violating this provision or who transports any illegally manufactured alcoholic beverages or who manufactures illegally any alcoholic beverages shall, upon conviction, be punished as provided by law." Â§28-1-1

As with a number of other beer-related restrictions, Alabama finds itself in very small company with its prohibition of homebrewing. Only three other states - Kentucky, Mississippi and Oklahoma - have similar prohibitions. Alabama’s homebrewers organized and introduced legislation to remove this restriction in the 2009 legislative session. Though this bill did not get brought up for a vote, the Alabama homebrewing community has vowed to continue to fight for its passage in future legislative sessions, and has introduced legislation to change it. FTH supports the repeal of this restriction.

Well, here’s another political issue all Birminghamians can agree on. (Also, how embarrassing! Out of state business came to Alabama and before they could even open their doors, the ABC was taking things away from them.)